Our Partners


London INFINITY elite

London Infinity Elite started in 2002 and work with young people from Maiden Lane Community Centre. The groups Director Valerie Amajoutt is well placed as a Trustee at the Community Centre and understands the needs of the local community. Along with talented young girls from the local estates they deliver cheer, dance and tumbling sessions that offer young girls the opportunity to take part in fun and friendly workshops. We’ve worked with London Affinity Elite over the last 3 years on Maiden Lane Community Centres Urban Folk project and this year we’ll be working with them again on our ‘One Mic, One Life’ project. They will be delivering cheer, tumbling and street dance workshops to local vulnerable young girls, who will use the skills they’ve learned and perform at the next ‘One Mic, One Life’ awareness event.


maiden lane community centre

After the success of Urban Community Projects managing Maiden Lane Community Centres £326k John Lyons funded 3 year project Urban Folk, we teamed up with them again in 2017, to pilot our ‘One Mic, One Life’, project to great success.

We continue to work closely together, empowering a wide section of young people in the Cantelowes Ward in Camden.



Pro Touch Soccer, formed by Ash Rahman will take over running our FA Level 1 football coaching courses. They help, support and encourage potential young, gifted and talented local football players. Creating opportunities for these young people to access “the bridge and experience to professional football”. As well as training young people to become qualified coaches to train other local people.


SOMERS TOWN community centre

In January 2019 we will be moving into Somers Town centre, dedicated to providing cohesive, inclusive and innovative services for the local community. They support empowering communities to produce a meaningful and positive influence at every level of people's lives.

Being based at the heart of the community is part of Urban Community Projects ethos and working in a collaborative way with other charities, organisations and community groups will allow us to have a greater influence in reaching more local people. We’ll be joining forces on a number of key strategic aims, which includes Camden’s Young Persons’ initiative, working with Camden Police on consultation with young people on ‘stop and search’ powers and providing employment and training provision for the local community.