Giving back - fighting food poverty


“I didn’t really get involved in the stockroom, too many girlies. But I loved when we had a big delivery after collecting the food. I’d like to think that the new mobile food  bank was really our idea. 

Although the girls swear down it was there’s. But yeah we have the bikes, they organise where we need to deliver the food on the Estate we make sure it gets there. It’s not fully set up yet, but that will help more people out. Especially old people that don’t get out much”. Billy - The Roadrunner 


“I love helping out and I’m finally able to use my volunteering as part of my Arts Award. Mark’s letting me take over some of the flyers and posters and I’m gonna help set up the blog page for their website. This is more me, I don’t mind sorting the stock, but I much prefer picking up collections.

 If always been I don’t know into art and writing. Something I want to do if I go uni. I always think if I go uni what would I do. Mum always tells me I could do anything, I just need to work out what that is.

I was only looking for a part to job, but I’m more into the food bank side and promoting on the estates. Rasheeda said I’m good at organising and was super happy with my first blog. I used YouTube to find out how to do them. Everyone kept saying just be yourself as if I’m talking to someone. 

So I guess I’m talking to all of you reading it.  Hope you like reading my experience volunteering. I’ll be back soon”. Mirage – The fixer


“I’ve been coming here since I was a kid and Rasheeda asked if I wanted to volunteer at the food bank. I was looking for work really, but I wanted to help too. I  did cooking  at the centre so I knew how the food bank worked. I couldn’t go and do the collections because I have back and neck problems, but I was still able to help which I actually enjoyed.

I really needed help to find a job. I’ve been babysitting forever and the money is so bad. I don’t have a clue what I want to do. Something with my hand  I love pottery, but never did it before. I just wanted a job!

First Rasheeda helped me to really think about where I wanted to be instead of what I wanted to do. I’d never thought about that before. Ideally I wanna be rich, not famous just rich! I’d love to be a model, but realistically just somewhere that I’m happy.

I don’t  even have a CV, never been to a proper interview, I’m being proper negative because I don’t have much luck.  So I’m not holding out for much. But if I can just make a start I’ll be super happy.

Well I’m back I feel so much better it’s been a few weeks all my girls are volunteering too and we’ve already started applying for jobs. Didn’t realise how long the applications are, they ask for so much even stupid Tesco’s application is such a long ting. Then they might not even bother to reply. But I can’t lie there’s lots of jobs out there, I just didn’t know where to look. 

I got a bit of a ticking off today, late again. I don’t even know why I can’t make it on time, I live on the estate. But my chances are running out, so I need to sort it out. I’ve been sick again which is annoying. But when I’m here volunteering, looking for a job I feel better. I think it was the M&S application and not going through, knocked me a little bit. Rasheeda said I need to prepare myself for disappointment and that’s it’s part of life. Not in those words, but basically the same thing. I gave her my blank stare face.

So I didn’t finish, gutted. I’m still volunteering though that’s something right? I just got too sick, tired and in the end couldn’t finish the employment sessions. But I learned so much, got a CV, applied for jobs online and learned that I need to be on time, lol!

Big up to Rasheeda and Mark, I know I can be annoying. Thanks for supporting me”.

Princess – the trier

If you’re interested in volunteering at the food bank or donating food please fill in the volunteer form.

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