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We create exciting projects and initiatives for local communities.

This year we will be running some great projects for the whole community to get involved!

We inspire communities to come together on issues of common concerns and support them to resolve any problems and barriers they are faced with.  

We build new opportunities for local people helping them to find employment and training opportunities.









Our Work


This year we have recieved funding from MSE Charity to deliver X2 Matters Courses to young residents 16 - 23 years, living in Camden.


The courses are designed to give young people a better undersanding about how to manage their finances, banking and saving options and ways they can make their money go further!


The first course will take place during the summer on Thursday 27th and Friday 28th July at Maiden Lane Community Centre.


Places are limited!


Click here for more information or to register

Urban Community Projects has a qualifed Arts Award advisor and has 2 registered Arts Award Centres at Jim Faulkner Community Room and Maiden Lane Community Centre.


This year we will be working with 12 young people in Camden to help us plan, consult and deliver a knife and gun crime awareness event, whilst completing their Arts Award Silver Certification.


It's an exciting opportunity for our bright young residents to get involved in delivering something for the whole community, improve their life and interpersonal skills and gain their Arts Award Silver Certificate which will help them to progress in life.


The course is completely full, however if you would like more information aboiut how else you can get involved or to register for future Arts Awards click here.








This year one of our main area of work will be looking at the effects of knife and gun crime on our community. We will run a series of workshops for children, young people and families from the Cantelowes Ward in Camden and work with them to organise a major knife and gun crime awareness event.  


Over the year we will work with some exciting partners and artists to deliver fun and friendly workshops that young people can get involved.


Click here for more information or if you would like to get involved.






One Mic, One Life

Young Money Matters Courses

Arts Award - Silver

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