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We create exciting projects and initiatives for local communities.

This year we will be running some great projects for the whole community to get involved!

We inspire communities to come together on issues of common concerns and support them to resolve any problems and barriers they are faced with.  

We build new opportunities for local people helping them to find employment and training opportunities.









Our Work


Continuing with our commitment of getting local people, especially young people volunteering we're on the final round of our Volunteering Employment project, where young people from the Cantelowes Ward in Camden have been helping to run Camden Food Bank and taking part in a Job Ready programme to help them get into employment or training.


We've just recruited our next 12 young volunteers, all from the Somali Boys Club on Maiden Lane Estate and have started our employment sessions with them.


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Last year we began creating an army of young volunteers who not only gave back to their local community, but improved their experience, skills and knowledge along the way. Our Youth Leaders - Food in Need project focuses on young people setting up a new mobile food bank scheme at our base at Jim Faulkner, for some of Camden's most vulnerable people.  


Sponsered by Tesco Bags of Help Scheme young volunteers will work with supermarket Sainsbury Local and Greggs Bakery (Kentish Town) to collect food for the new food bank.  Their responsible for all aspects of running the new food bank and have already started receiving Customer Service and Stock Keeping training.  They will learn so much more along the way that will really help make their futures brighter.


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Youth Leaders - Food in Need

Volunteer & Employment

Last year we will be delivered X2 Money Matters Courses to young residents 16 - 23 years, living in Camden.


The courses are designed to give young people a better understanding about how to manage their finances, banking and saving options and ways they can make their money go further!


Our Money Matters courses have always been a real success and something the charity champions. Last year’s 2017 courses we no exception and the outcomes were incredible.

A total of 67 young people took part in the two courses and 2 seminar sessions in 2017, 40% more participants than we anticipated. 36 new Camden Credit Union Accounts were opened and young people in the Ward now have a better understanding of how to manage their finances, something they can now pass down to the whole family!


We're currently raising additional fundraising to deliver the project again this year, so stay tuned!


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Money Matters 2017/18

Money Matters group

Our young Arts Award Silver candidates are in the final phase of their work helping with us to organise a major knife, gangs and crime awareness event in February this year.  


We have been working with them not only on their Silver Arts Awards, but also to create a fun and exciting event for the whole community to come together. We want ALL young people to be directly involved and gain experience, as well as confidence in planning and managing a large community event.


The group will have their final meeting after the awareness event at the end of January 2018.


Follow their progress on our twitter page and YouTube channel.









Arts Award 2017/18 - Silver 

One Mic, One Life


Last year one of our main areas of work was looking at the effects of knife and gang crime in our community.


We received funding from John Lyons Charity in 2017 to run a pilot of our One Mic, One Life project.  Over the year we've been delivering a series of workshops for children, young people and families from the Cantelowes Ward in Camden and working with them to organise a major knife and gang crime awareness event.  


Over the year we have been working with some exciting partners and artists to deliver fun and friendly workshops that young people. In December young people and the community came together to discuss knife and gang crime and what they could do as a community to tackle it.


"Let's just talk" has become the projects new slogan.  


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