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We create exciting projects and initiatives for local communities.

This year we will be running some great projects for the whole community to get involved!

We inspire communities to come together on issues of common concerns and support them to resolve any problems and barriers they are faced with.  

We build new opportunities for local people helping them to find employment and training opportunities.









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By guest, Mar 20 2018 12:52PM

This year we’ve been building an army! An army of young, gifted and creative minds who really want to give something back. An army who wants to make something of their lives and really make a difference. You see that’s the real TEA. Very rarely do we get access into the minds of the young and talented, a lock parents all over the world continue to search for the keys to. But what happens when they give you the combination code and actually let you in?

Introducing this month's blog contributor Autumn: My food bank journey

I’ll make it short and sweet how did I know about the food bank, well last year my family and I had to use it. Sooooooo depressing when you realise how rubbish your life is. But one thing mum has taught us (my sister and I) is we’re not victims. I told myself that as I placed tinned veg into a bag.

“Why don’t you come and help us out” that was Rasheeda she basically does everything cooking, training. “What do I need to do?” Rah why did I say that can I really commit? Ok that was cop out I wasn’t like I was doing much. Mum runs the cheerleading club on Saturdays I was there sometimes taking part, but most times playing on my phone.

The food bank is literally opposite the hall I really didn’t have any excuses did I? So for the next 3 months I opened the food bank, made sure it was stocked and gave food out to people who are basically just like me. It’s still rubbish, the fact that they even need it. But at least I was helping them, well me and my boyfriend he helped too.

UPDATE we broke up!

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